Chinese dragon costume for sale -034

Chinese dragon costume for sale -034

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  • Chinese dragon costume for sale

  • The emperor because of his royal robes, embroidered with a dragon named The Qin Dynasty advocating black robe, predominantly black. The dragon is coarse, mostly without limbs, approximate reptile animal.Chinese dragon costume for sale

  •  The Han Dynasty followed the Qin Han period of traditional, Dragon into a brutal, often painted lines go like, to give people with no reality whatever feeling.

  •   During the Sui and Tang Dynasties , men generally wore robes official T-shirts, sweaters, from the emperor down to the fatigue can be dressed in uniforms。

  •   Song dynasty emperor clothing bearing tang has big QiuMian, neither corona, borne crown, is enshrined at, toward, tillage, longer serve in clothes. 

  •   In Song Dynasty, the crown clothing including the dragon cloud deep red robe yarn, white sheets, deep red skirt, Jin Yudai, knee cap, black shoes, white socks Tongtian crown etc.. It is second only to crown a robes. Chinese dragon costume for sale

  • This robe is improved, suitable for all occasions, high retention rate, very attractive.
  • You can customize the size,
  • Please tell us your Height, weight, bust, shoulder width
  • please take your measurements in centimeters. 1inch=2.54cm
  • Preparation Time: 10-15 working days

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