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Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea-China gifts suppliers

Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea-China gifts suppliers


Folding Screen Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea-China gifts suppliers 

A folding screen is a piece of furniture which consists of at lease two frames connected by hinges. Screens are used to provide shelter, partition off a space, and as decoration. The earliest folding screen originated in China as early as 4th century BC. It is called ¡°Pingfeng¡± in China. This kind of folding screen is with pictures of Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea and their magic weapons on it. The eight immortals¡¯ story is from Taoism. One day when they were going to across the sea, one of them suggest not using a boat, but their magic weapons instead. Lastly, they all crossed the sea successfully. This story tells us that when we face difficulty, we should use our own intelligence to solve. Besides, the eight magic weapons are painted on the back of the screen. If you are interested in Taoism or you like the story of the eight immortals, why not buy one? 

Made of wood and lacquer.
Measures: 46.5×24×0.6cm
Package Size: 12×27.5×5.5cm
Preparation Time: 2-3 working days

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